The Embroidery Story - Where is it from and why do we use it?


A Bag Of Hope always has vibrant, intricately embroidered section to draw the eye and express individuality. On our drawstring backpacks, they're featured as a panel on the front, on our tassel waist bags, a small triangular section is used. However you prefer, you can chose between 10+ patterns and colours to suit your style. 

These beautiful patterns originate high up in the mountainous borders of Northern Thailand, South China and Laos. The traditional embroidered patterns are worn by the Hmong people, and to this day, the Hmong use their traditional clothing as a way of differentiating between which tribes they originate from.

A group named Ethnic Lanna, based in Chiang Mai, saw the potential of these patterns and with their aim to showcase the wonderful traditional designs with the rest of the world, created a way for them to become more accessible.

Originally hand-sewn, the demand for the beautiful embroidery rose, Ethnic Lanna acquired embroidery machines and threads, and created the Lanna Textiles Co in Chiang Mai, which is ran and co-managed by Burmese refugees, who are also housed by the group. 

I get these wonderful embroidered pieces sent to my studio, then combined with organic cotton and upcycled leather, I single-handedly turn them into beautiful Bags of Hope!

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