3 Reasons Why Sustainable Fashion Will Overtake Fast Fashion

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Over recent years, there's been an increasing move within the fashion industry to support ethically conscious brands. As we move forwards, we need to look for ways to emphasise how important it is to preserve the environment and its depleting resources whilst still expressing ourselves through our attire. The fashion industry has never been far from criticism when it comes to its impact on the environment -- but things are slowly and surely changing! 

With that said, here are 3 reasons why sustainable fashion is on track to overtake fast fashion.


  1. Changing Habits

Collectively, we’re slowly but surely changing habits by shopping more consciously, we’re questioning the production path of our purchases, and how recyclable they are. 

Many of us value the quality of our purchases over cost. If we invest in our values and support small local businesses with positive purposes, then together, we can make a big difference. Is it not more valuable for millions of people to make small changes, than a handful of people to live Zero Waste? Though they set the ideal intentions and aims, if we all do a little bit - progressively more and more - then we’re on track to living more consciously sustainable lifestyles.

  1. Thriving Sustainable Fashion Communities

Communities that back sustainability are growing rapidly. Groups such as Extinction Rebellion are active and vocal about how important it is that we look after our earth. They play a vital role in pushing industries to create and develop technologies to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint in the future, which means that they will be the driving force behind the whole operation. 

Fantastic communities like Fashion Revolution keep us inspired, they actively use social media platforms to bring attention to & question brand supply chains, share valuable resources, and help push transparency when it comes to brand production cycles. They are advocating an environmentally friendly approach to shopping. 


  1. Because it’s cool

Green fashion didn’t used to be cool and very few brands were doing it well. It had a bad reputation, now that’s changed for the better and it’s a globally popular thing, and brands have to respond to this by changing and adapting to our needs. Beautiful, independent eco-boutiques are popping up in urban capitals all over the world, stocked with small local brands with the best intentions. Have you found any local to you? 

The big names in the industry are also clocking on, juggernaut sportswear brand Nike for example, have created a new super material from recyclable natural leather fibre and 75% of their products now contain materials recycled from waste. In fact a large proportion of big brands are recognising the issues we face and there is a global effort to promote sustainability.

If you’re looking to support the sustainable fashion movement, just know that Bags of Hope will be there with you! Each bag, including the Wild Garden Backpack pictured below, is handmade to order using organic cotton, upcycled leather and beautiful embroidery made by Burmese refugees in North Thailand. Click the image to find out more, or take a look at what we do to give back!






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