5 Features The Perfect Festival Bag Must Have

Festival season is finally upon us! We’re browsing line-ups, gathering the troops and getting inspiration from our eccentric festival influencers in the lead up to the best part of summer! But how are you going to cart around your stuff whilst you're out and about enjoying yourself in the fields? You’ll want to find a bag that’s not just cool but also pretty convenient. So what does the perfect festival bag consist of? I’ve compiled a list of 5 features you’ll want to consider when your shopping for your perfect festival bag:

1. Be Hands Free

If you’re going to a music festival, there’s no doubt you are going to dance your socks off! You don’t want a heavy backpack, or a tiny clutch bag to prevent you from throwing your best shapes. This is one of the reasons Bum Bags\ Waist Bags \ Belt Bags whatever you want to call them, are SO popular at festivals, they let you dance and move around all day and night hands free, without getting in the way!

2. Have Multiple Pockets

Choose a bag that has multiple pockets, so you can easily organize and quickly access your stuff, be that your phone, glitter or sunnies. You’ll want to enjoy yourself without worrying about keeping your essentials safe, so find a bag with an inward facing pocket to prevent theft.

3. An Adjustable Strap

One day you might want to wear a waist bag, the next a shoulder bag. Why not find a bag that you can wear both ways? The ideal festival bag has to be adaptable to your needs.

4. Durable & Fun Proof

You won’t want to take a delicate, white bag to your upcoming festival. Even if you take great care, it will most likely return home covered in mud, scuffs and glitter. So take with you a dark coloured bag that can withstand your adventures, leather would be ideal.


No doubt you’ll be tagged left right and centre, and want to instagram those crazy outfits you’ve put together, which are too bold and crazy to wear anywhere else! Find a bag with vibrant colours, sequins or tassels to complement and accentuate your festival look!

Check out our Bags Of Hope Waist Bags for the perfect festival bag that features ALL of the above! We've taken time and consideration to create a fun, affordable, adaptable festival bag that won't break the bank. They're vibrantly embroidered, tasseled festival waist bags that have everything you need to get you through that fun packed long weekend!




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