The Evolution Of The Bumbag

Fanny pack. Belt bag. Hip sack. Whatever you want to call it, the humble accessory has taken its place centre stage this year, last year, and next year as the must have accessory. But how did it all begin, and how exactly has the style evolved over the decades?

Would you believe, the style dates back 5,000 years? Otzi, the Iceman’s mummified body was discovered in the German Alps. It was discovered that he had fashioned a calf-leather belt with a pouch attached, to carry flint tools.
The trend was hot in the 80's, the bumbags were loud & proud in the dance scene, where neon styles, zip pockets and buckle straps were in.
During the 90’s the bumbag began to get a pretty bad rep, typically seen used purely for their functionality by typical tourists. 

Roughly 5 years ago the accessory started to make a comeback, sought after by music festival goers or adorned by car-boot sale vendors, you'd be lucky to find anything other than the vintage 80's versions. Though, the savvy style setters caught on, which opened doors and paved the way for brighter bolder styles to be created, by the likes of designers such as Beksies Boutique aimed at festival attendees. A more refined version has been adopted over recent years from the likes of luxury designers such as Stella McCartney and Gucci, we now have the option of luxurious & simplistic belt bags.  

Currently the trend is to wear it draped over one shoulder. It appears to be an internationally appreciated style. From sporty versions worn by the muted monochrome Berlin underground scene to high end embellished statement pieces worn by celeb elitists at this years’ London Fashion Week. Even the lads are getting
involved in this one. The chances of spotting one in the wild are high.

 At Bags Of Hope, I wanted to design a new bag that encompassed the best parts of each style. Inspired by the high quality, luxurious belt bag styles, with a desire to keep things bright and fun, I designed the multi-way waist bag BOH. A versatile style that can be worn over the shoulder, around the waist or as a clutch, boasting 3 zip pockets and tassels to shake around. If waist bags drop out of favour, you can wear the bag a different way. It’s a fail-safe plan. Click the photo below to see more styles, and shop today!



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